TD-500D HandHeld

Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments introduces the new low cost TD-1000C continuous on-line oil in water instrument to its oil in water monitoring product line. Their signature fluorescence detection system provides the highest sensitivity with minimal interference from suspended solids. The TD-1000C detects fuel oil, crude oil, turbine lube oil, diesel, and other fuels and oils at low parts per billion (ppb) in steam condensate and cooling water. The combination of high sensitivity and low maintenance make it ideal for process heating and cooling applications where process or environmental protection is important. A proprietary Cell Condition Monitor alerts operators when cleaning is required.

TD-4100 XDC Explosion Proof

The instrument comes ready to run with its own 316 SS mounting plate and isolation valves. The side stream sample of 0.1 to 2 L/min remains pressurized without exposure to air for delivery back to the process or to drain. The instrument can operate with the standard factory calibration or it can be calibrated on site with injections of oil in water standards. Instrument stability is specified as less than 10% change in calibration in 6 months. The TD-1000C provides relay alarm outputs and an industry standard 4 to 20mA output with various communication protocols as options. No chemicals, pretreatment or mechanical manipulation of the sample are required.

Oil in water monitoring is Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments’ only business with instruments ranging from the handheld TD-500D to the fully automated self cleaning process control TD-4100 XDC for explosion-proof areas.  

To maintain low cost, the TD-1000C is made for indoor applications in non-explosion proof areas such as power stations, chemical plants, and any application where oil can come in contact with water or steam. Our instruments are backed by our expert knowledge of the application and a world class field service group.