Pre-design specifications for an integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) plant were completed by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), Palo Alto, Calif., using the design of the Excelsior Energy’s Mesaba Energy Project.

The predesign of the IGCC plant specification defines technical information in the permit application for the plant. The data is critical for regulators in determining whether to grant permission to utilities to build new generation plants.

The Mesaba IGCC plant in Taconite, Minn., is scheduled to begin operations by 2011. EPRI analyzed data that was available in the permit application filing and condensed thousands of pages into a 183-page document.

This work is being performed as part of EPRI’s Coal Fleet for Tomorrow Program, a collaborative involving more than 50 power industry companies to encourage the early deployment of advanced coal power generation technology.

A key aspect of the Coal Fleet program is to promote standardization of design, which lowers initial capital cost, supports repeatable, reliable performance and reduces the time to develop an IGCC plant.

An IGCC plant uses syngas produced in a coal gasifier as a fuel for a combustion turbine cycle. Heat recovered from the turbine exhaust and gasification processes produces steam that boosts overall plant output and efficiency. The basic processes of IGCC plant design are conductive to the efficient reduction and removal of air emissions, liquid dischargers and solid wastes.