U.S.-manufactured temperature sensors from Nanmac Corp. will be sold and serviced from a new sales, engineering and support center in Shanghai, China. The company, which has been selling into China for nearly a decade, opened the center to allow it to more effectively serve its growing customer base throughout China and the Far East.

While China continues to grow as the manufacturing resource to the world, and as it invests heavily in infrastructure, more companies in China are choosing to import high quality, high performance temperature sensors from Nanmac. All Nanmac products are currently manufactured at its Framingham, Mass., headquarters.

Mr. Wei Jun, plant manager for the H.I.P. Furnace Division of AT&M International Trading Co. explains: “As the requirements for higher temperatures, accuracy, repeatability and longer life from the hot-zones within our graphite furnaces increase, so does the importance of our ability to effectively control the temperature within them. By relying on the high performance thermocouples from Nanmac Corporation, we now provide our customers with the accuracy, lifespan and repeatability they insist on.”

The office is located at: Fahuamen Building-6th floor, 555 Fahuazhen Road Changning District, Shanghai, P.R. China 200052. Telephone is 021-51186096, fax is 021-62801021, and email is asia.support@nanmac.com.