One '70s-era rocker may "Wanna Go Back," as he sings in one of his hits, but he's also going forward. I'm excited about going forward too, whether that means digital music distribution or web-exclusive content.

At a summer music festival, I found myself with the unique (for me, at least) opportunity to speak to a genuine rock star, Eddie Money. At the “magic moment” when we stood face to face, I was able to keep my head and have a “regular” conversation rather than stammering like a crazed, foolish fan. After a few moments conversation about the concert and venue, I told him how much I enjoyed his music and offered what I thought was a great suggestion: He should make more of his music, including his new album, available through Apple’s iTunes store. He just looked at me for a moment, a little sadly perhaps, I thought, and then said, “No one buys CDs anymore.” Then he turned to speak to someone else and my rock star moment was over.

I remember being surprised at his response at the time, but I have come to enjoy the irony of it. Here was a rock star whose career took off in the era of eight-track cassettes and vinyl albums. Yet he was bemoaning the decline of the format that replaced them -- even after he has embraced the new distribution steams. (After all, a fair amount of his music is available through iTunes.) Eddie Money may “Wanna Go Back,” as he sings in one of his hits, but he’s also going forward. I’m excited about going forward too, whether that means digital music distribution or web-exclusive content.

It is that second topic -- web-exclusive content -- that has generated some exciting news for readers of Process Heating. Some of you may have noticed our online table of contents introduced in the September issue. While the online table of contents cannot possibly list all you can find at -- the web site includes every article ever published in Process Heating since 1999 as well as news, products and other material developed specifically for the site -- the online contents section can highlight articles you may have missed, remind you of the types of materials that are updated weekly and monthly at, and highlight special content.

Among that special content are our new “online exclusives,” additional material to accompany the articles you find within the pages of Process Heating, available only on Of course, you will still find the thorough, informative, insightful articles you’ve come to expect from Process Heating within the pages of the magazine -- that won’t change. But, in some cases, authors have written more than we can publish, and rather than leaving great content on the “cutting room floor,” we’re publishing it exclusively online. Other authors have chosen to contribute extra specifically for the site. Either way, when an article has additional content that only can be found online, the “Web Exclusive” sidebar will appear in the article, providing a sneak peek to the extra content online. Alternately, you can use our online table of contents to review a brief summary of each web exclusive as well.

The online table of contents also highlights excellent articles from past issues that provide related and sometimes supplementary information to that found in an issue. You can use our Google-powered BNP Search box, located at the top of every page of our site, to search by title, company, author, or even topic. For instance, if you like “How to Select a Pump,” which is mentioned on our online table of contents, you can use the BNP Search tool to find “Motors for Pumps,” “Questions for Troubleshooting Pumps,” and more.

Linda Becker
Associate Publisher & Editor