Three lime-calcining kilns from Metso Minerals were installed at Taiyuan Iron and Steel Co.’s Dongshan mine in Shangxi Province, China, to reduce a production bottleneck. Since installation, the kilns have tripled output at the facility.

Taiyuan Iron and Steel Co. Ltd. (TISCO) installed three 1,100-ton-per-day lime-calcining rotary kilns from Metso Minerals, Waukesha, Wis., in its Dongshan mine, in Shangxi Province, China.

The three lines of calciners produce a total of 3,300 tons/day of high reactivity lime for use by TISCO in the production of 3 million tons/yr of stainless steel. Each line is fired by a combination of coal and natural gas, and operates with an 18-module polygonal preheater that uses KVS/Niems coolers.

Prior to installation of the kilns, a significant issue to resolve for TISCO’s stainless steel production was a bottleneck in lime production caused by three shaft kilns of limited capacity, processing a combined total of only 1,100 tons/day. The more efficient kilns not only triple the output but operate with fewer maintenance problems than the kilns they replaced.

Metso was responsible for the process design, detail engineering, key equipment supply, control system, supervision service, commissioning and startup for the kilns.