Rick Jay, far left, founders Ed and Jackie Jay, and Ron Jay pose in front of Process Heating Co., during its 60th anniversary celebration.

After manufacturing 7,300 heaters, Process Heating Co., Seattle, has reached its 60th anniversary. Those heaters -- immersion, hot-oil, preheaters and patented Patch King asphalt heating systems -- represent approximately 450,000' of heating element, or more than 85 miles.

The company, founded by Ed and Jackie Jay in 1947 with partner Rudy Heintz, remains in its original building, which has been expanded to accommodate growth. The first product was a system that used electric heat to heat large tanks of liquids such as asphalt, emulsions and molasses used in cattle feed lots.

The Jays retired 17 years ago, leaving sons Rick and Ron to run the company. They have introduced new products such as preheaters and support equipment, pumps, hot oil systems and circulating systems.

“It’s been most exciting to see the dreams of our father and mother come true these past 17 years, in becoming a true leader in the field of alternative heat that is both clean and virtually maintenance free,” said Rick Jay, president.

In addition to the miles of heating element incorporated into their heaters, Process Heating Co.’s products have used 1,020 miles of wire.