Hudson Technologies Inc., Pearl River, N.Y., a refrigerant services company specializing in proprietary on-site decontamination services for industrial process cooling and refrigeration systems, has completed 11 steam energy savings assessments awarded by the Department of Energy.

Hudson is a qualified specialist in the use of the DOE’s BestPractices Steam Tools Suite and functions as a steam energy system expert to improve the overall steam system energy efficiency in large industrial plants. The assessments, part of the DOE’s Save Energy Now campaign, monitor energy-intensive systems such as process heating and steam to identify opportunities to save energy and money. Energy savings assessments help to optimize these systems and thereby offer industrial plants the ability to capitalize on long-term savings. Results from completed assessments show that 80 percent of the energy-savings opportunities have paybacks of less than two years.

“We have expanded our energy optimization and efficiency services to include evaluation of the overall steam systems in large industrial plants,” said Kevin Zugibe, Chairman and CEO, Hudson Technologies. “Steam is utilized in most industrial facilities and accounts for almost 40 percent of a plant’s energy consumption.”