NOXemission technologies help address boiler emissions.

Boiler technology is expected to reduce the NOX concentration in the exhaust gas of gas-fired steam boilers to below 1 ppm.

Steam, generated from gas and oil-fired burners, remains a primary source of energy for a range of industrial applications, including food processing, automotive and medical product manufacturing. Emissions from these boilers include nitrogen oxide (NOX) and carbon dioxide (CO2) gases that can result in pollution and contribute to global warming, among other concerns.

Reducing these emissions has been the goal of many companies. One boiler manufacturer that took on the task was Miura Boiler Inc., a company that develops process steam boiler technology that reduces oil and gas consumption, conserves natural resources and minimizes emissions.

In an effort to achieve near-zero NOXemissions, the company has developed boiler technology that reduces the nitrogen oxide (NOX) concentration in the exhaust gas of gas-fired steam boilers to below 1 ppm (at O2=0 percent equivalent), according to company president Yuji Takahashi. The technology will be available on the company’s boilers in North America by 2010.

Current boilers designs also reduce fuel and gas consumption, optimize fuel use and efficiency (saving users an average of 20 percent in fuel costs compared to conventional boilers), and lower CO2emissions. The company credits its floating header design, which turns water to steam in 5 min, and as well as an automatic shutdown feature that turns boilers on or off as needed when more than one boiler is installed. By contrast, conventional firetube boiler makers recommend that the units remain on at all times to protect against thermal shock. This protects the boilers but wastes resources while increasing costs and emissions.

The near-zero NOXtechnology is expected to achieve NOXconcentration of 1 ppm or less during continuous operation. This can contribute to improving the environment. In addition, the new combustion control method is expected to make it possible to reduce heat loss by 20 percent, compared to the current products. Finally, the near-zero NOXtechnology boilers will incorporate an environmentally friendly catalyzer that does not use chemicals such as urea or ammonia.

According to the company, in comparison to conventional steam boilers, Miura units reduce physical-plant space requirements. A corollary of the compact size is that plants can minimize new construction demands due to boiler output increases. The boilers produce brake horsepower (BHP) outputs comparable to much larger units, according to the company, but with less water in a compact footprint.

Maintenance systems can help ensure trouble-free, reliable performance and a “sliding window” feature records an event four seconds before it occurs, so it can be diagnosed and corrected faster.

Advances such as near-zero NOX, in addition to current fuel-saving, emission-reducing benefits, will continue to protect our planet.

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