Plastic molding conditions can affect toughness, warpage, shrinkage, weld lines and surface appearance of molded parts. To help eliminate the associated guesswork, Wilmington, Del.-based DuPont offers processing information in a downloadable file format for its principal commercial plastics, including the latest high-performance grades. Data for more than 500 grades of engineering plastics is provided in 24 languages. Data includes recommendations for: 
  • Melt temperature.
  • Cylinder temperature profile.
  • Mold temperature.
  • Optimum screw rotation speed.
  • Backpressure.
  • Injection hold pressure level and time.
  • Maximum material moisture content.
  • Drying temperature and time.
To download the tip sheets, which are contained in a Microsoft Excel workbook, visit and search for “processing data sheets” using the site’s search function.