The development of an efficient and clean-burning ceramic-bladed microturbine that incorporates the Wilson heat exchanger will soon be completed by Woburn, Mass.-based Wilson TurboPower, thanks to the receipt of a second round of funding. Final engineering and fabrication of a 300 kWe Wilson Microturbine prototype for onsite power generation will begin this year, with testing and refinement expected to be completed by late 2008 or early 2009.

The microturbine design uses the company’s heat exchanger, ceramic components and a three-stage turbine to achieve high electrical efficiency, according to analyses by independent experts. Wilson says the improvement will benefit the energy economics of many industrial processes while also meeting current and planned regulations for harmful emissions.

“For some regions, the microturbine will be able to generate electric-only power at a cost less than local utility and be a profit center for its owners,” says Bruce Anderson, a cofounder of Wilson TurboPower. “Reducing the energy intensity of power generation reduces the fuel consumed, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” he added. In addition, when fueled by biomass or methane from waste gases, the microturbine is capable of achieving greater reductions in carbon emissions.