Cake and speeches helped mark one year without a lost-time injury at ABB's production facility in New Berlin, Wis. March 6 marked the official day for achieving the milestone at the LV Drives' North American manufacturing site. "Your achievement, both in practicing safety here in the workplace, and helping ABB be highly productive at this facility, is a marker we want to pause and honor today," said Aaron Aleithe, vice president and general manager of LV Drives and LV motors, addressing all the manufacturing employees gathered for a celebration event.

"In an economy in which we are committed to being as efficient, productive and safe as possible, this achievement is all the more notable," Aleithe said. "It also means that we have all hands on deck and, through a conscious focus on safety, are able to count on your contributions, without loss of your expertise due to any accidents while here."

The drives production facility includes 200 manufacturing employees; more than 500 personnel are employed on two Wisconsin campuses. The production employees were on hand for the ceremony that honored their achievement.

"The facility is highlighting the one-year marker without a lost-time accident, which translates into over 750,000 hours worked. Safety has been elevated in emphasis and importance to a No. 1 priority, closely followed by a customer focus and operational excellence," noted managing director of operations George Lord. "We know that reaching these yearly milestones is remarkable, and they also provide an incentive to reach for entirely new milestones.