As industrial wireless communication continues to gain acceptance in many process instrumentation and safety applications, it is enabling plant managers to deploy detectors in hard-to-access areas where the cost of a fully wired installation is prohibitive. Wireless transmitters and receivers also allow users to combine different protocol devices into a common network. Also, the wireless extension of industrial automation buses such as Ethernet, wireless Hart and Profibus are thought to facilitate the integration of multiple automation local area networks in different sections of the plant.

In response to these trends, General Monitors Inc., Lake Forest, Calif., and ELPRO Technologies, Stafford, Australia, have formed a partnership that will provide wireless technology and communications for advanced gas- and flame-detector products.

As a subsidiary of the MTL Instruments Group, ELPRO is a provider of radio telemetry. The company produces a range of industrial wireless products for process and manufacturing applications. Using ELPRO’s wireless devices and ancillary components, General Monitors will provide secure wireless communication for its gas and flame detector product lines. ELPRO products offered by General Monitors will include wireless I/O units, wireless gateways and wireless modems.