Companies interested in temperature profiling reflow ovens can request a Mega M.O.L.E. 2.0 and M.A.P. guides from Electronic Control Design (ECD) Inc., Milwaukie, Ore. M.A.P. is a company-specific acronym for “Machine, Assembly, Process” that takes a systematic approach to the:
  • Machine, a reflow oven.
  • Assembly, a printed circuit board.
  • Process, the thermal profile specified by the solder paste manufacturer for proper reflow.
The M.O.L.E. Profiler depends on the M.A.P. software to control how it collects and interprets data. Several kinds of data runs may need to be performed to achieve desired information, or the same data run may be performed repeatedly over time to monitor one process.

To request copies of the guides, visit or call (503) 659-6100.