Even for the most challenging process applications, controls and instrumentations manufacturers often are able to fashion an effective controls solution using off-the-shelf components. For those that defy all standard designs, however, one controls and instrumentation manufacturer has introduced a quick customization program.

Offered by Moore Industries International, Special Needs And Products -- also known as SNAP -- may be an answer when a user needs a signal interface instrument that is a bit different, a lot different, or even discontinued designs. The company will modify one of its standard instruments or enclosures to meet user requirements.

Frequently requested modifications include:
  • Non-standard signal inputs and outputs.
  • Non-standard power ranges.
  • Custom signal conversion
  • Reverse input/output actions.
  • Input linearization and scaling.
  • Alarm trip modifications.
  • Low power instruments.
  • Fast signal response times.
  • Signal comparison, averaging and differential.
For more information about the SNAP program from the North Hills, Calif.-based manufacturer, visit www.miinet.com.