Following a detailed engineering and design study on the potential for recovering waste heat from oven exhausts and using it to dry manufactured products, as well as a second study on the potential for generating steam from waste heat in the exhaust stream of an industrial glass furnace and using the steam in other processes within a plant, Ottawa, Ontario-based Thermal Energy International Inc. received a contract to implement these practices at a major U.S. industrial facility.

Tim Angus, Thermal Energy president and CEO, says the contract represents an example of what can be done to recapture some of the more than $200 billion a year in heat and energy wasted annually from plants and facilities across North America. “Many customers can achieve anywhere from 15 to 30 percent reductions in energy costs, and immediately join the fight against global warming with cuts in greenhouse gas emissions,” Angus said.

While this is Thermal Energy’s second commercial U.S. contract, it is the first to use these waste heat recovery solutions and to refit a steam system using its Gem condensate return system, an advanced steam trap technology. The $2.5 million contract is the company’s largest commercial contract to date.