With the hotel booking deadline (to qualify for negotiated discounts) looming, IHEA president Anne Goyer urges those interested in this essential oven safety seminar to register soon.

A review of the requirements in NFPA 86, 2007 Edition, Standard for Ovens and Furnaces, is the focus of a safety standards seminar set for May. Scheduled for May 5-6 the Hilton Indianapolis in downtown Indianapolis, the 18th Annual Safety Standards & Codes Seminar will be hosted by Cincinnati-based Industrial Heating Equipment Association.

The seminar will address:
  • Oven and furnace location and construction.
  • Oven and furnace heating systems.
  • Commissioning, operations, maintenance, inspection and testing.
  • Safety equipment and applications, including programmable logic systems, burner management systems, safety controls and devices, and safety shutoff valves.
  • Thermal oxidizers.
  • Class A (flammable volatiles or combustible materials) ovens and furnaces.
  • Class B (no flammable volatiles or combustible materials) ovens and furnaces.
  • Class C (special atmospheres) ovens and furnaces.
  • Class D (vacuum) ovens and furnaces.
  • Loss prevention.
  • Product liability.
  • Typical process applications.
IHEA's Safety Standards and Codes Committee chairman, Ted Jablkowski of North American Mfg. Co., says, "IHEA's Safety Standards and Codes Seminar is an excellent forum for the review and discussion of the NFPA 86 Standard. Most presenters are members of the NFPA 86 Technical Committee. [In addition,] two new speakers will be joining the program this year: Rich Gallagher, chair of the Technical Committee and Tom George, chair of the Class A Task Group."

The registration fee for the two-day event, which will include a copy of NFPA 86, 2007 ediiton, is $700 for IHEA members and $750 for non-members. The Hilton is extending a special guest room rate of $129 for those making reservations prior to April 4. To register, visit the secure registration form on IHEA's web site or call (513) 231-5613 to request a printed brochure.