Among Brake Brothers' dessert specialties is its New York style cheesecake.

Brake Brothers (Brakes), the United Kingdom’s leading supplier of food to caterers, upgraded its pasta cooking and cooling line at its Creative Foods division. By switching from batch to continuous processing utilizing the Clean-Flow technology from Lyco Manufacturing, Columbus, Wis., the company was able to increase throughput and flexibility; speed cleanup for faster changeovers on short runs; improve pasta quality; and automate manual functions, thereby streamlining process continuity.

According to Howard Batey, factory general manager at Creative Foods, the Clean-Flow system has minimized the cleaning changeover time; in fact, on short runs, the changeover can occur in as little as 20 min. This allows for an increased number of changeovers per shift, giving maximum flexibility and efficiency to food processors.

Cleanup time is reduced in the Clean-Flow design because the screw is exposed for cleaning. During cleanup, the screen is released from its fixed position and rotated 360° around the screw, alternately exposing the interior and exterior of the screen to clean-in-place manifolds located in the cover of the machine. The screw can be rotated at the same time as the screen, again exposing all surfaces to the cleansing water sprays. With this design innovation, cleanup times are reduced as much as 75 percent compared to conventional rotary drum blanchers.