In the U.S. alone, the frozen entree market is a $6 billion dollar a year industry, with the average American cooking and eating a frozen meal about six times each month. New and healthier frozen food products, touting the addition of whole grains, the removal of trans-fats, and the use of organic ingredients, are continuing to keep consumers interested. Complementing this is the growing trend in ethnic frozen entrée variations.

Internationally, the desire among consumers for convenience and wholesome, home-cooked meals, especially for families, is at an all-time high and shows no signs of waning. The United Kingdom is no exception here, proving to be a leading market for ready meals, both chilled and frozen. Smart food manufacturers, like Brake Brothers, are quickly realizing that the switch to more efficient automated systems for processing these entrees is critical to capturing and maintaining market share in this category.

Among Brake Brothers' dessert specialties is the apple caramel pancake stack. The company’s line of home-meal-replacements includes entrees such as beef medallions in horseradish and juniper berry jus; venison casserole, chicken with Portobello mushrooms and Madeira sauce; Moroccan chicken; and chicken and porcini mushroom stroganoff.