GEA PHE Systems North America has acquired Toronto-based Viex Inc.

In an effort to expand its plate heat exchanger line and increase North American business, GEA PHE Systems North America, an international supplier of plate heat exchangers, has acquired Toronto, Canada-based plate heat exchanger specialist Viex Inc. The move allows GEA to offer an even more extensive range of brazed, gasketed and fully welded plate heat exchangers.

Viex produces fully welded plate heat exchangers for chemical, petrochemical, and oil and gas applications. According to the two companies, the fully welded models work in pressure and temperature ranges for which GEA PHE Systems previously offered a limited selection of products.

Since 2007, GEA PHE Systems has been producing brazed and gasketed units for the American market in York, Pa. With production facilities for fully welded plate heat exchangers at GEA Viex in Toronto, the whole product range can now be manufactured on the North American continent. The company hopes this will improve service and reduce delivery times for U.S.-based customers.