New technology means a smaller oxidizer to get rid of low-concentration VOCS, which saves energy, money and space.

Take a new approach to control volatile organic compounds in low concentrations. A Fluidized Bed Concentrator can replace costly large oxidizers or rotary zeolite concentrator wheels. A Fluidized Bed Concentrator uses fluidized beaded activated carbon to absorb and condense VOCs, which then are directed to a much smaller thermal oxidizer, saving energy, money and space. Concentrations ratios range from up to 100 to 1, based on inlet solvent loadings. Residual energy value in the form of heat is used in the process for desorption, further saving on energy. This Pro-Environmental system provides the highest concentration ratio of any standard VOC control technology, leading to the lowest equipment price and operating cost of available equivalent (per cfm of process air controlled) technologies.Learn more...

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