Calling the accomplishment an industry first, Tyco Thermal Controls, Redwood City, Calif., announced it has manufactured and sold one billion feet of Raychem self-regulating heat-tracing cable.

In 1971, Raychem Corp.'s heat-tracing business, known today as Tyco Thermal Controls, invented the world's first self-regulating heat-tracing cable. It soon became the industry standard for electric heat-tracing applications, and its industry leading position was supported by robust sales that led to achieving the one-billionth foot milestone just 37 years later.

"At Tyco Thermal Controls, we are very proud to reach this historic milestone," said Jim Thompson, president of Tyco Thermal Controls. "To be the first company in the world to have manufactured and sold one billion feet of heat-tracing cable is a major achievement and is a testament to the trust that customers place in our products. Tyco Thermal Controls will continue to expand on this accomplishment and maintain focus on providing customers with best-in-class heat-tracing solutions."

Tyco Thermal Controls has more than 50 years of heat-tracing experience backed by the strength of more than a dozen brands of heat-tracing products and services such as Raychem, Tracer, Pyrotenax and Digitrace. For more information on Raychem self-regulating heat-tracing cable and all other heat-tracing products and services, call Tyco Thermal Controls at (800) 545-6258 or send an e-mail to