Boilers like this unit from Miura Boiler, which is installed in Duke Raleigh Hospital, are helping manufacturers and even commercial facilities receive "green treatment."

As gas and oil prices continue to grow and more companies get serious about conserving natural resources and greening up their processes, many are turning to boiler technologies such as those offered by New York-based Miura Boiler. Because of higher temperatures and fuel consumption, these changes might first have been made by manufacturers in the process industries. Now, though, even lower temperature applications such as space heating are receiving “green treatment” at facilities such as hospitals.

One example is Duke Raleigh Hospital in Raleigh, N.C., where Shannon Clifton, engineering supervisor, purchased the hospital's third steam boiler from Miura Boiler in an effort to maximize efficiencies and reduce fuel costs. The hospital uses the boilers for its steam autoclaves (sterilization); to produce hot water for cooking, dishwashing and domestic hot water heating; as well as water reheating where the hot water is used for heating purposes.

“We've had Miura boilers for about three years,” says Clifton. “Our first two paid for themselves in about a year on fuel saving alone. Those were EX-Series dual-fuel 200 BHP units. The third unit is an LX-Series gas-fired 100 BHP unit.”

The Miura boilers offer an unexpected but welcome benefit. The hospital is located in North Carolina, Clifton explains, which currently is experiencing drought conditions. “I'm attending a lot of meetings to determine what can be done about water conservation. Because the boilers are so small and efficient, we are ahead of everyone in this industry on water conservation.”

The benefits of the green treatment are not limited to space heating applications, of course. Manufacturers such as Spangler Candy use Miura boilers to efficiently generate steam for manufacturing purposes, and also find the boilers a treat for the bottom line. Paul Gackel, P.E., director of facilities/utilities for the Bryan, Ohio-based candy maker, switched out four of the company's five firetube steam boilers, which were generating up to 900 BHP, for boilers from Miura that could support the operation while reducing fuel costs.

“We were running a pretty efficient operation, but with Miura technology, we estimated an additional 10 to 20 percent fuel savings, which really got our attention,” says Gackel.

All Miura boilers produce steam in 5 min using a floating-head design that results in gas and oil savings of up to 20 percent. In a multiple-boiler installation, the Miura boilers can be turned on or off as needed, allowing companies like Spangler to meet peak demand hours while operating at greater efficiencies throughout the day. The boilers include an online maintenance system that records data on events continuously, allowing operators to view data from four seconds before the event occurs, speeding diagnosis and corrections.