Discovery Channel's "How It's Made" has filmed the manufacturing process for the vertical steam boiler at Fulton Boiler Works. The show "How It's Made" chronicles the fabrication of various industrial, commercial and household products and includes narration of the process from conception to shipment. Additional filming took place at a concrete production plant where Fulton steam boilers are used during the cold months to heat the water used to mix concrete.

Fulton's episode will show the manufacturing of steam boilers, detailing the construction as it begins with a series of heavy-walled large diameter schedule 80 flue pipes that are welded to the top and bottom heads of the boiler pressure vessel. The flue pipes are then surrounded by a water-backed design that speeds up boiler startup time and creates overall even heating throughout the unit. According to the manufacturer, this feature, along with other design aspects of its vertical steam boilers, result in fuel-to-steam efficiencies of up to 85 percent. All Fulton steam boiler products are built and certified to ASME and other applicable codes. The production process concludes with the painting, labeling, stamping and certification of the boiler prior to shipment.

"How It's Made" airs Fridays at 9 p.m. EST. The episode that will highlight Fulton is scheduled to broadcast on the Discovery Channel and Science Channel in the spring of 2009.

Fulton is a global manufacturer of heat transfer products including thermal fluid, steam and hot water boilers. The U.S. manufacturing facilities are located in New York, Ohio and Texas. Fulton also has a plant in Bristol, England, and two manufacturing facilities in China, one in Ningbo and one in Hangzhou.