Newpoint Gas has expanded its position in the process heating business by hiring the sales, engineering, manufacturing and service personnel that previously worked at the now defunct, Atlanta-based GTS Energy. Newpoint Gas will serve the process heating market under the name Newpoint Thermal from a facility in Atlanta. Newpoint Thermal also has purchased GTS Energy assets for use on all current and future projects.

Newpoint Thermal is supported by the resources of Newpoint Gas, College Station, Texas. Newpoint Gas designs, manufactures, and services gas processing and treating equipment. Newpoint Thermal follows in the tradition of Newpoint Gas by being committed to customer satisfaction and on-time delivery. According to the company, its mission is to lead the process heating industry and exceed industry standards for quality, performance and service.

For more information about Newpoint Thermal, call (404) 446-4621 or visit For more information about its parent, Newpoint Gas, call (979) 690-8749 or visit