Calling Eclipse an innovator in keeping its technology clean, speaker Karen Coshof presented information on global warming to almost 200 attendees at the company's international sales meeting. Eclipse, a Rockford, Ill., maker of combustion equipment for 100 years, focuses on ways to burn clean at a time when climate change is the "overarching issue of our time," Coshof told the audience gathered in Itasca, Ill.

Coshof, of Stonehaven Productions, a corporate and government communications firm, has contributed to media projects such as the three-hour television series for Discovery Canada, a one-hour PBS special, and a 2006 film, "The Great Warming."

"Core elements of the world are moving away from the concept of ‘use it and discard it,'" she said. According to Coshof, companies such as Eclipse that pour resources into creating products that contribute to a greener environment will be the winners. "Their brand will be enhanced in the eyes of investors and customers," she said, and the resulting efficiency and sustainability will generate profits for them.

In addition, "there is joy in creating the next future," Coshof said. "There is joy in knowing that what you do can change the world."

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