This system consists of an economizer and all of the associated piping and structural supports. It reduces stack emissions and thermal pollution.

Increased energy efficiency gains and low emissions are two of the most important performance criteria when selecting a new boiler system. Boiler systems today must not only meet strict air emissions guarantees but must also provide efficiency gains. Nationwide Boiler has combined the two concepts into one engineered packaged system it calls the E2Stak.

This environmental control engineered package combines the CataStak’s low NOXemission reductions with efficiency savings via its EconoStak, a stack emissions reducing system. The SCR system reduces NOXemissions to less than 5 ppm and is mounted in the exhaust stack of the boiler. Gases move from it through the stack emissions system, where heat is extracted for preheating boiler feedwater. This process results in a cost savings through the reduction of fuel usage.

This package has been installed on units ranging from 800 hp to 200,000 lb/hr, and according to the company, efficiency upgrades of more than 10 have been achieved from users in varying industries. Its stand-alone operation is simple to startup, and once installed, it requires minimum operator intervention due to simple controls.