Pressure Reducer System

Pillarless construction and diameter-independent spring ranges are features of Predu. Additional features of the pressure reducer system include a screwed seat and a marginal seat, three exchangeable spring sizes, a balancing bellow and a sealing bellow, and easy change of spring and actuator.

Ari Valve • (800) 661-3338 • •

SCR Power Controls

Opto Z provides precise proportional control of constant-resistance heating loads in response to an analog control signal from a temperature controller or PLC I/O module. The SCR power control utilizes an optically isolated trigger circuit for zero-fired switching. It regulates the amount of power applied over an adjustable time base for proportional control of the connected heating load. Zero-fired switching nearly eliminates electrical noise, and a full sine wave ensures harmonics-free output at all power levels.

Payne Engineering • (800) 331-1345 • •

Heavy-Duty Pressure Transducers

Features of Series PX41 include a rugged design intended for industrial applications; a standard FM approved intrinsically safe rating; and all stainless steel construction. The pressure transducers include 10' of four-conductor shielded cable, and a twist-lock connector is available with a selection of amplified and current output models. The product line is available in gage, sealed gage and absolute pressure models.

Omegadyne Inc. • (800) 872-3963 • •

DIN-Rail Controller for Single-Loop Control

Series 1ZC is stackable to the required number of zones. The CE-approved autotuning controller is designed for precise control of a single control loop with two independent outputs configurable as direct-acting, reverse-acting or alarm. A bidirectional RS485 serial communications interface is standard, and discrete LED displays illuminate whenever associated outputs are active to provide system status. A range of sensor inputs and outputs are supported. Additional features include independently powered 100 to 250 V 50/60 Hz zones; bus wiring; universally configurable outputs for heat/cool or alarm; loop break alarm; pluggable terminal block to ease wiring and controller replacement; and optically isolated inputs and outputs.

Athena Controls Inc. • (610) 828-2490 • •

Infrared Sensor with Smart Microprocessor

Conceived by combining the company’s microIRt/c and the SmartIRt/c, this small-sized infrared sensor head now provides “brains” and precision in small places without impedance, leakage current or cold junction compensation. It is offered with four sensor heads: 1:2 field of view; 4:1 field of view; 1:2 field of view, side view; and 4:1 field of view, side view with built-in air purge. Outputs are 4 to 20 mA; 0 to 5 V; 0 to 10 V; and RS232. Available temperatures ranges include -22 to 158oF (-30 to 70oC); 32 to 212oF (0 to 100oC); 32 to 482oF (0 to 250oC); and 32 to 932oF (0 to 500oC).

Exergen Corp. • (800) 422-3006 • •

Temperature Transmitter

Infrared temperature transmitter offers a split configuration that separates the main unit from the sensor head. The design of the Rayomatic 12 is intended to provide accurate measurements in spaces where conventional thermometers would not fit. Features include a miniaturized 0.6 x 1.4" head; temperature range from 32 to 1,100oF (0 to 593oC); and accuracy of +/-1 percent of reading or +/-2oF. Other features include a two-wire 4 to 20 mA current loop transmitter; 12:1 or 6:1 distance-to-spot ratio; and a response time of 150 ms.

E Instruments Group LLC • (215) 750-1212 •


Series MTL measures and records temperature and temperature/humidity/dewpoint. Sampling intervals and high/low alarm settings are user selectable through Windows-based software. The dataloggers can be field configured for either delayed-start or push-button recording control. They can store up to 43,344 readings and can be set to stop on memory full or for continuous readings. Stored data is downloaded by plugging the unit into a PC’s USB port.

Dwyer Instruments Inc. • (800) 872-9141 •

Power Controller

EPower is designed to be flexible and efficient. A common driver module is used across the power controller range to minimize the need for spares and simplify setup and training. The single-driver module supports up to four power modules, resulting in the ability to support seven different load configurations. Connectivity with PLC, SCADA and DCS systems is straight forward with support for common industrial protocols such as Profibus, DeviceNet, Modbus TCP/IP and Modbus-RTU. Software flexibility is based on five attributes: the devices come preconfigured for out-of-the-box use via the order code; firing mode, current and voltage adjustments are straightforward; configurable I/O; input mode; and alarm setting.

Eurotherm • (703) 669-1312 •

Digital Indicator

Model AG500 has a 21 mm high LED readout with a high-luminance, five-digit display in a 1/8 DIN case. Options for the microprocessor-based digital indicator include universal input types; six programmable alarms; analog retransmission; digital input; 12 or 24 VDC sensor power supply; and RS485 or Modbus-RTU communications. With digital communications, the indicator can be used in conjunction with a PC or PLC. With the analog retransmission output, it can be used with a chart recorder or data-acquisition system. In addition to the process high and low alarms, alarming standards include a latch function, an alarm time delay and hold action.

RKC Instruments • (574) 273-6099 •

Infrared Thermometer with Variable-Target Focusing

Marathon MM Series enables users to adjust the focus of measurement targets, either by push-button at the rear of the instrument, or remotely via an RS232/RS485 PC connection, where adjustments can be seen real-time through video. Users can select from either standard fixed-focus sensors or sensors with the variable-focus option, both with a focus range between 8" and 7' (200 mm and 2.2 m). Close-focus units also are available with fixed optics, enabling targets as small as 0.02" (0.5 mm) to be measured from a distance of 6" (150 mm). All of the infrared sensors provide integrated through-the-lens sighting, plus either laser or video-sighting for correct aiming and target location. The thermometer incorporates an optional live video feed into its data-acquisition and sensor programming software, allowing for active frame capture.

Raytek • (800) 227-8074 •

Integrated Control Loop

EZ-Zone ST integrates temperature control, power control, safety shutdown and power disconnect in a single package. It has a PID temperature controller already connected to a high-amperage solid-state relay with the option of adding a properly sized heat sink, current measurement, an over/under temperature limit, a definite-purpose mechanical contactor, and digital communications in one package. The user also can add a remote user interface. It provides reduced panel size and decreases the termination complexity, which in turn reduces installation costs while increasing system reliability.

Watlow • (800) 928-5692 •

RTD Probes with Choice of Termination Styles

All of the company’s temperature-measurement products are described on a CD that includes an application index, interactive resource center with scientific calculators and technical papers. Among the products on the CD is a standard RTD probe has a diameter of 0.1875" or 0.25" and a length of 5". It has 36" of Teflon-insulated two-conductor copper extension leads and can be supplied with stainless steel overbraid on the extension leads.

Nanmac Corp. • (800)786-4669 •

Power Control Systems

Built to the user’s specifications and requirements, power control systems can be used to manage infrared heating, paint-drying systems, coating, vacuum deposition, silicon carbide power systems, boiler heating, paper drying and other applications. Typical specifications include voltages to 600 VAC; 50/60 Hz; single- or three-phase; input/output switchgear; NEMA 1 or NEMA 12 enclosures; convection or forced-air cooling; or multi-zone capabilities.

Ametek HDR Power Systems • (888) 797-2685 •

1/4 DIN Temperature Controller

Model TEC-4100 provides fuzzy logic PID heat and cool control. Features include autotuning on cold or warm start; a short (2") panel depth; a universal programmable sensor input; six types of output; a second output that can be used for cooling function; and universal input power. The controller provides bumpless transfer to manual mode during sensor failure as well as a range of alarm modes.

Tempco Electric Heater Corp. • (630) 350-2252 •

Microprocessor-Based Universal Input Temperature, Process Controllers

AccuCon7000 Series include features such as fuzzy logic, PID with auto-tune, universal input, universal output, retransmission output, and optional RS485 communications. All features are user selectable via the front keypad. Temperature inputs include thermocouple Type K, J, E, N, C, T, R, S and B as well as 100 ohm JIS/DIN RTD sensors. The readout can be programmed to display inoC oroF. Process inputs are 1 to 5 V and 4 to 20 mA.

Brighton Electronics Inc. • (866) 837-8371 •

Process Temperature Controller

Gammadue Series X5 includes the Profibus DP Slave protocol as well as Modbus/Jbus RTU Slave and a Master Modbus/Jbus that allows the user to interface and expand the controller and total system functions. The main universal input has a sampling time of 100 min and can accept RTD, thermocouple, differential temperature and current and voltage linear inputs (0 to 20 mA DC and 0 to 10 VDC). It has three freely configurable digital inputs and selectable control modes such as single-action PID algorithm; double-action (heat/cool) PID; double PID algorithm; valve drive PID algorithm’ or simple on-off control. Controller tuning types can be selected as on-demand one-shot tuning or more advanced self-learning adaptive tuning.

Ascon Corp. • (630) 482-2950 •

Dual-Mode Remote Thermometer

Bimetal thermometer provides on-site indication of process temperature conditions and simultaneously provides an millivolt or ohm signal proportional to temperature for input to a transmitter, remote terminal unit, controller, recorder indicator, PLC, DCS or SCADA system. The sensor does not require a power supply at the point of measurement. It includes a thermowell probe assembly that contains an RTD or thermocouple sensor and a large analog display. Both the sensor and display are NIST traceable and can be field calibrated.

Moore Industries International Inc. • (818) 894-7111 •

Temperature Control

Caloritech digital- indicating temperature control for immersion heaters combines a high accuracy digital controller with continuous process temperature indication. Features include digital display of operating temperature and setpoint as well as hazardous locations ratings for Divisions 1 and 2, Groups A, B, C, D; Class II, Divisions 1 and 2, Groups E, F, G and Class III, Divisions 1 and 2. Hazardous locations ratings for Zone 1 amd2, Groups IIA, IIB and IIC are available. It offers an electronic controller for precise temperature control, a high-accuracy temperature sensor and externally adjustable temperature setting.

CCI Thermal Technologies Inc. • (780) 466-3178 •

Temperature Measurement

Noncontact temperature measurement system products include single wavelength system, dual wavelength system, two-wire transmitters and system for aluminum surfaces. Covered temperature ranges are from 0 to 4,500oF (-17 to 2,482oC).

Williamson Corp. • (978) 369-9607 •

Modular Temperature Controller

Geflex combines a PID temperature controller, solid-state relay (5 to 120 A) and current transformer into one DIN-rail-mounted package. It simplifies wiring and installation for multiloop temperature control applications and eliminates the need for panel cutouts required by traditional discrete panel-mounted temperature controllers. Process monitoring and configuration is accomplished at a single flat-panel HMI display. Applications include temperature control for plastic extrusion, plastic hot-runners or any multiloop process.

Gefran ISI Inc. • (781) 729-5249 •