Packaged Thermal Oxidizers

Line of skid-mounted oxidizers covers a range of 5,000 scfm, 10,000 scfm, 20,000 scfm and 30,000 scfm. Features include a preassembled, modular design that reduces installation time, 98 percent destruction efficiency; and 95 percent heat exchanger efficiency. The regenerative thermal oxidizer also includes touch-screen controls, a modem for remote monitoring and troubleshooting, and hydraulic actuation.

Pro-Environmental Inc. • (909) 989-3010 • •

High Temperature, Hot Water Process Boilers

Line of medium and high temperature hot water boilers provides temperatures up to 400oF (204oC) and 300 psi using water as a heat medium. Some of the advantages of this system include improved fuel efficiencies over other heat methods; ability to use a less expensive heat transfer medium (water); improved overall heat transfer coefficient compared to other fluids. Company also manufactures 650oF (343oC) thermal fluid heaters for the process industries.

Parker Boiler Co. • (323) 727-9800 • •

Hot Oil Circulation Pumps

Magnetically driven NMWR pumps are designed for hot-oil applications to improve plant and personnel safety in industrial heating plants. Its containment shell replaces any mechanical seal and saves maintenance costs because most pump failures are caused by leaking seals. Maximum operating temperature without water cooling is 800oF (427oC).

Dickow Pump Co. • (800) 880-4442 • •

Microcomputer Boiler Control System

Model XJ1 identifies boiler problems and suggests solutions in plain, descriptive English on an easy-to-read display. It provides users with greater control over steam pressure settings for steadier steam pressure and allows for compensated adjustment of high and low fire scale thermocouple settings. It also allows for compensated adjustment of automatic blowdown based upon total dissolved solids (TDS) or blowdown rates. The system interfaces with the company’s “Colormetry” unit to eliminate scale formation due to water softener failure.

Miura Boiler Inc. • (847) 465-0001 • •

Engineered Gaskets

Series 2000 engineered gasket complements the company’s current product line by providing a sealing alternative to other high pressure boiler gasket designs such as spiral wound and expanded PTFE gaskets. The graphite-based engineered gaskets can be used in boilers operating at up to 2,000 psi and 1,200oF (649oC).

Topog-E Gasket Co. • (918) 587-6649 •

Heat Management System Software

Tracer Lynx interfaces with industry standard IDF and PCF files, allowing heat management system (HMS) designers to utilize the master model data from clients to create 3D modeled plant designs. The software package is a fully-integrated solution designed to be employed throughout the lifecycle of a project. Specialized functions have been developed to support critical HMS project activities such as scope definition, estimating, pipe sorting and grouping, heat tracing design, material procurement, construction planning, and field progress measurement.

Tyco Thermal Controls • (800) 545-6258 •

ANSI Chemical Process Pumps

Series pH is stocked as a ready-to-ship inventory, allowing the company to offer a 48-hour commitment on pump shipments with no premium. Used in developing the ANSI/ASME B73.1 process pump standard in 1958, the chemical process pump continues to meet and exceed all ANSI standards for the chemical processing industry. A choice of ductile iron or 316 stainless steel construction, coupled with multiple seal design types, allows the company to custom build pumps for most process applications.

Dean Pump Div., Met-Pro Corp. • (317) 293-2930 •

Fluid Control Products

More than 3,000 models from let you control fluid in any application. Choose from water, hot water and steam valves; combustion shutoff valves; vent valves; manual rest and manual override options; air and gas valves; magnetic level switches and more.

Jefferson Solenoid Valves(305) 349-8120 •

Boiler, Heat Exchanger Optimization

Water treatment services help manufacturers in the process industries maintain production efficiency and quality regardless of the product or process. Services available for the chemical processing market includes boiler, cooling and wastewater efficiency, heat exchange efficiency calculation; environmental compliance; slag modification; combustion catalyst and slag modification; analytical troubleshooting; water reuse studies and implementation; corrosion studies; waste treatment optimization and design; waste treatment jar studies; fuel oil treatment programs; and Legionella risk assessment.

U.S. Water Services • 866-663-7632 •

Burner Combustion Mat

G-mat is made of FeCrAlM alloy fiber and has mechanical strength and light weight. It is designed for blue flame burner applications and is suited to retrofit existing perforate sheet metal burners for reduction of combustion emission, improving the flame stability/uniformity, and increasing burner life and reliability. The fiber is light transparent, which induces a tiny pressure drop of 0.2 to 0.5" w.c. under normal combustion range. Nominal thickness of the mat is 0.035", allowing it to form into contours and curvatures. Standard G-mat sheet dimensions are 16 x 36" with non-trimmed edges.

Micron Fiber-Tech • (386) 532 0951 •

Digital Controller

The pCOxs controller combines high performance and user-friendliness with its integrated 4x20 character LCD display. This flexible controller excels at controlling rooftops, air conditioners, chillers, heat pumps, air-handling units, dehumidifiers and many other applications in the HVAC/R markets. The controller is DIN-rail mounting and has six digital inputs, five relays, four analog inputs, and two 0 to 10 V outputs with optional expansion boards. A serial port is standard for BACnet, LonWorks, Modbus and Web Server communications.

Carel • (717) 664-0500 •

Steam Generator

Circulatic incorporates link-free controls and communications capabilities. The controls offer improved combustion, fuel savings and increased reliability due to the elimination of mechanical linkages. Five-minute startup, compact design and full modulation with 10 to 1 turndown ratios are other features of the steam generator. The company offers boilers up to 600 BHP and 3,200 psi as well as thermal fluid heaters up to 20 million BTU/hr.

Vapor Power • (888) 874-9020 •

Steam Generator for Offshore Oil Rigs

SigmaFire 200 is a 200 BHP steam generator that packs performance into a small footprint. The onboard steam generator can be used to heat drilling mud, a viscous liquid. The “mud” is delivered through the inner ring of a vertical, two-section pipe, to drive and lubricate a drilling head that may be functioning as much as 20,000’ beneath the sea’s surface. Drilling mud also prevents clogging at the drilling head, and forces debris to the surface through the pipe’s outer section.

Clayton Industries • (800) 423-4585 •

Combination Firetube/Watertube Boilers

Steam boilers are available for producing steam up to 30,000 PPH output capacity. Units have a combination watertube furnace section and firetube convection bank. The compact design provides a cost-efficient steam generation plant with high reliability. These systems generally provide steam for process heating needs and are usually 150 psig design vessels. For plants with high steam pressure needs, designs are available up to 350 psig.

Teaford Co. • (770) 475-5250 •

Combined Oxygen and Combustibles Analyzer

Thermox WDG-IVC has a close-coupled extractive sensor style. Designed for fast response, the sensor mounts directly on the combustion process to provide continuous measurement of oxygen and combustibles. With a separate control unit, the analyzer is suitable for flue gas streams up to 3,200oF (1,760oC). It is designed to be used for process heaters, reformers and power or steam boilers with rapidly changing loads. Minimum combustibles range is 0 to 2,000 ppm.

Ametek Thermox • (412) 828-9040 •

Fused Silica Composites

Type RSLE-57 is a low-expansion, high-strength reinforced-silica-matrix composite product. It exhibits good nonwetting properties when used in contact with molten aluminum, zinc, lead, tin and other non-ferrous metals, making it useful in numerous casting, conveying, containing and forming applications. The composite is suitable for use as dams, spouts, floats, launders, head boxes, baffles, headers, tips, rings, distribution boxes, stoppers, basins, snouts, transition & orifice plates and hot top and ingot mold liners. It is 100 percent organic-free; contains no refractory ceramic fibers (RCFs); and is fully machinable with conventional tooling.

Zircar Refractory Composites Inc. • (845) 651-2200 •

One-Step, Water-Based Coating Process

Thermadep provides a consistent finish and is available in a range of colors. The one-step process replaces the environmentally less-friendly procedures of oiling, painting and plating. Users dip a heated part (at temperatures from 300 to 1,700oF [149 to 925oC]) into a bath of the water-based polymer solution. After 5 to 50 sec, remove the part from the bath and air dry or bake it. Rinsing or additional steps are not needed. Parts coated with the process are ready for immediate processing or shipping.

Egyptian Coatings • (615) 790-3881 •

Energy Recovery Systems

Secondary and tertiary heat recovery systems can help reduce operating costs. Heat recovery through the use of air-to-air heat exchangers or air-to-thermal fluid systems can be added to equipment to capture heat and return it to the process. Steam or hot/chilled water can be supplied through the addition of waste-heat boilers or absorption chillers. In areas where building heat is required, water/glycol systems can be installed to capture heat from the process and use it to preheat building makeup air.

Megtec Systems • (920) 336-5715 •

Heated Tanks and Pots

Suitable for use melting and dispensing waxes, adhesives, plastics, asphalt, pitch and other industrial compounds, heated tank as well as heated dispensing tanks and pots utilize the company’s “Even Heat” multiple-circuit, blanket-type element. Accurate, selective thermostat closely controls wall temperature. Dispensing can be accomplished through a heated hand-operated needle valve orifice.

Sta-Warm Electric Co. Inc. • (330) 296-6461 •

Chemical Seals

Seals provide a protective barrier between a pressure sensor such as a gauge, switch, transmitter or transducer and the process media. Chemical seals protect pressure instruments against corrosion, abrasion, viscosity and crystallizing media. Diaphragm seal housings are available in stainless steel, carbon steel, Hastelloy, PTFE and titanium materials. Diaphragm materials include 316 stainless steel, PTFE, Viton, Monel and tantalum metals. Configurations include threaded, flanged, in-line flow-through, sanitary and remote capillary systems.

ReoTemp • (800) 648-7737 •

Boiler Flame Safeguard Control

Part of the BurnerLogix line, Model Z fully integrates boiler control and flame-safeguard functions into one compact package. It incorporates specific boiler control functions such as a programmable PID firing rate via a dedicated 4 to 20 mA command rate output and thermal shock protection with low fire hold or timed override. Its lead-lag system can be tailored to meet exacting site conditions.

Fireye Inc. • (603) 432-4100 •

Process Pump

PowerFlow has a cast-iron body and A2 tool steel pumping elements or, for corrosive applications, 17-4 PH stainless steel pumping elements. Other features include standard 316 stainless steel construction; Viton O-rings and hard silicon carbide faces; or optional Tungston carbide faces and O-rings of Nitrile, EPDM or Kalrez. The heavy-duty construction allows it to handle flows to 400 gal/min.

Moyno Inc. • (877) 486-6966 •

Rotary Concentrator

Designed for low concentration, large airflow applications in which the exhaust stream is at or near ambient temperature, the rotary concentrator/regenerative thermal oxidizer system is designed to remove and destroy VOCs and HAPs generated from a facility’s production process. The system performs a multistep process: removal of the VOC/HAP from the process airstream using a hydrophobic Zeolite rotating wheel; desorbing or removing the VOC/HAP from the Zeolite with a reduced airstream; and destruction of the concentrated VOC/HAP using an oxidizer.

CMM Group • (920) 336-9800 •