Corporate Profile

Optimal Gas-Train Solution for Oven and Infrared Burner Applications
The Siemens VG Series single and double gas-valve bodies are combined with SKP Series electro-hydraulic actuators to provide multiple flow-control functions, including:
* Gas-safety shutoff
* Constant pressure regulation
* Air/gas ratio control

SKP20 Pressure Regulating/Shutoff Actuators
SKP20 actuators perform two functions -- safety shutoff and gas-pressure regulation. The SKP20 eliminates the need for a separately piped regulator.
* Applicable as a zero governor or a 1:1 proportionator
* Pressure regulation to 100" wc

SKP50 and SKP70 Multifunctional Actuators
SKP50 and SKP70 actuators perform three functions: safety shutoff, gas-pressure regulation and air/gas ratio control. Both eliminate the need for mechanical cams and linkages while improving burner performance.
* Optimal solution for premix burner applications
* Compensates for variations in combustion chamber back pressure
* Ideal for applications with preheated combustion air
* Low-fire excess air-biasing adjustment

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