Today's higher fuel prices demand better burner control to reduce operating costs and minimize emissions. SMARTLINK® MRV Electronic Ratio Valves provide the advanced ratio control through a high degree of precision, repeatability and durability that combustion systems require and more. An electronic parallel positioning system for air/fuel ratio control, SMARTLINK® MRV is the industry standard when operational reliability and precision are required.

SMARTLINK® MRV contains UL and CE approved electronics and software for air-fuel ratio control that is second to none. In addition, SMARTLINK® MRV is Factory Mutual (FM) approved as non-incendive for Hazardous Locations Class 1, Division 2, Groups A,B,C and D, T4 Temperature code; NEMA 4X standard actuator.

The complete SMARTLINK® system includes up to four electronic ratio valves and a Control Interface Unit to electronically link the valves to your process controller. Each valve is continuous duty and fully adjustable to 0.1 degree accuracy to provide dynamic control of burner ratios for optimal performance.

Self-Checking Flow Meter

The new SMARTLINK® Meter is one of the only self-checking flow meters in its class. Offering precise, repeatable mass flow measurement for fuel, air and combustion streams, SMARTLINK® Meter displays instantaneous standard rate and totalized flow without calculations. The meter provides highly accurate flow measurement, over a wide turn down range, with no moving parts. Adding to its uniqueness, SMARTLINK® Meter's patented technology offers functional self-checking to ensure safe and reliable operation and a configurable alarm output. The meter is Factory Mutual (FM) approved for Hazardous Locations, and is certified Class I, Division 2 Groups A,B,C, and D and Class I, Zone 2, Group IIC. Designed to monitor, display, and output air/fuel ratio when two meters are electrically linked together, the Maxon SMARTLINK® Meter is sure to give customers the winning edge in monitoring usage and ensuring efficiency.

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