Metso will supply a complete tissue production line to SCA Mexico, including an Advantage DCT 200TS tissue machine, and it will be installed at a greenfield tissue mill in Ciudad Sahagún, Hidalgo State, close to Mexico City. Startup is planned for the fourth quarter of 2010.

Metso’s scope of delivery will comprise one complete tissue production line, including a de-inking plant, effluent plant, stock preparation system and a tissue machine. The tissue machine will be equipped with an headbox, Yankee cylinder, hood, dust system, sheet transfer system and reel. The two-loop de-inking line will be equipped with a drum pulper, flotation technology, washing technology, and dispersing and bleaching equipment.

The delivery includes an extensive automation package with the company’s machine and process controls, scanner and quality controls. The order also comprises all other auxiliary equipment and systems needed for the mill, as well as engineering, transport, installation, training, startup and commissioning services.

With a width of ~18' (5.5 m) and an operating speed of ~6,560 ft/min (2,000 m/min), the new line will produce 60,000 tons a year of high quality facial, toilet and towel grades. Raw material for the new lines will be recycled paper.