With sustainable and green process solutions as its theme, The 53rd Chem Show, scheduled for November 17 through 19, 2009, at New York's Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, plans several enhancements.

According to show management, the results of third-party research of chemical process industry professionals show that nearly 60 percent of decision-makers attend trade shows seeking solutions to specific processing challenges rather than simply looking for new processing equipment. Moreover, they want to learn about these solutions in several different ways, both on and off the show floor.

In addition, the research study identified two challenges affecting the chemical process industry:
  • Global competition is driving the need for greater efficiency.
  • Environmental concerns are pushing companies to be more sustainable and green in their operations.
Using the research results to shape the show, management says it will concentrate on several core processing areas:
  • Process controls and automation solutions - of those surveyed, 67 percent currently use or will increase their use of automation technologies.
  • Process efficiency - 57 percent use or will increase their use of wireless technologies, and 52 percent use or will increase their use of energy-efficient technologies.
  • Water/wastewater treatment - 51 percent currently use or will increase their use of water/wastewater treatment technologies.
  • Emerging technologies - CPI professionals want to be kept abreast of emerging technologies. For example, 45 percent of those surveyed now use or will increase their use of nanotechnology.
  • Efficient powder processing - powder processing and bulk-solids handling will require more efficient solutions to provide both safe operations and competitiveness in the global marketplace.
Show management's solutions-focused changes and enhancements to the show include:
  • Exhibitor workshop program - select exhibitors will have up to 30 minutes to present both technical presentations of educational value and as well as product demonstrations, and discuss their latest technologies can be applied to specific process challenges.
  • Buyer connect program - the web-based program is designed to match buyer needs with specific product solutions in face-to-face meetings with manufacturers. Close to 80 percent of survey respondents said meeting with suppliers was a major reason they attend shows.
  • New products showcase area - a special area on the show floor will let attendees view new and innovative products released since the last show in 2007. Seeing new products is still the number one reason attendees come to a show, but close to 60 percent said they wanted to see products they did not yet know about.
For the first time, the Chem Show and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers will hold an AIChE Day to be held on opening day. This full day will cover sustainability, crystallization, mixing, filtration, powder flow, process safety and product design.

Contact the Chem Show at (203) 221-9232 or visit www.chemshow.com.