Siemens Building Technologies, the worldwide leader in combustion controls, offers globally approved products specifically designed to optimize process performance, minimize costs and simplify installation. From gas valves and control motors, to flame safeguards, temperature controls and gas valve leak test systems … you can count on the Siemens reputation for safety, quality, and industry leading performance.

Multifunctional Valves Reduce Gas Train Size and Weight
The Siemens VG series single and double gas valve bodies are combined with the SKP series electro-hydraulic actuators to provide multiple flow control functions, including:
  • Gas safety shutoff
  • Constant pressure regulation
  • Air/gas ratio control
Rigorous, zero leakage test procedures ensure safety and quality beyond the requirements of all applicable ISO standards. A stainless steel mesh filter installed in each valve protects downstream devices against damage from foreign particles and eliminates the need for separately installed filters.

Flexible Modular Design Reduces Inventory Costs
All of the SKP Series Actuators can be used in combination with any VG series gas valve. This modular approach creates a matrix of valve combinations, allowing manufacturers to meet varied capacity and pressure requirements with minimal inventory.

In conventional regulators, the compression of the set point spring significantly changes with flow. The result, "Regulator Droop," often impacts the performance of high turndown industrial burners. The SKP25 actuator provides superior performance by eliminating regulator droop and maintaining a constant pressure level.

SKP25 Pressure Regulating/Shutoff Actuators
SKP25 electro-hydraulic actuators perform two functions – safety shutoff and gas pressure regulation. The SKP25 eliminates the need for a separately piped pressure regulator.
  • Applicable as a zero governor
  • Applicable as a 1:1 air/gas proportionator
  • Only three springs provide outlet pressure regulation of up to 100" wc.
SKP55 and SKP75 Multi-Functional Actuators
SKP55 and SKP75 electro-hydraulic actuators perform three functions: safety shutoff, gas pressure regulation, and air/gas ratio control. They eliminate the need for mechanical cams and linkages while improving burner performance.
  • Optimal solution for premix burner applications
  • Compensates for variance in combustion chamber back pressure
  • Ideal for applications with preheated combustion air
  • Low fire excess air biasing adjustment

Siemens Provides Global Support

With offices and product approval in over 100 countries, Siemens is best positioned to support your international business objectives. Gas Valves in stock and available for immediate delivery!

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