At its headquarters in Stratford, Conn., Ashcroft Inc. has installed a new product test center. The facility has been outfitted with test equipment to simulate adverse operating conditions that the company's products might encounter while in service. Ashcroft Inc. engineers are using the environmentally controlled test facility to develop new products and provide expeditious, custom engineered solutions for challenging applications.

The laboratory is equipped with burst and extreme hot/cold temperature chambers; an environmental chamber to simulate temperature, humidity and UV conditions; lifecycle test stations and vibration tables. Because it is specially adapted, much of the equipment can be integrated to allow these extreme condition tests to be performed simultaneously while the products are operating under variable pressures.

In addition, the facility employs a cell to perform radio frequency and electromagnetic interference (RFI/EMI) tests on electronic instruments as well as operate and maintain master calibration standards to support the pressure calibration equipment used in the production areas.