Radiant Energy Systems, Hawthorne, N.J., has opened a pilot coating line to develop new products and methods and to improve existing processes for converting operations.

The line will handle water-based adhesives and coatings, while infrared, infrared air, impingement and flotation dryers are available. Hot air dryer zones are gas fired, and infrared heaters can be gas or electric. The electric short, medium or long wavelength heaters can be used individually or in combination. The pilot line is flexible for a range of processes, including coating, drying, curing, laminating, plastic-films annealing and printing on various substrates, such as paper, films, foils, nonwovens and fabrics.

The line runs at a maximum speed of 300 ft/min and handles a 26" web. The current coating method is metering rod. Gravure and knife-over-roll coating methods will be added in the future.

For more information, call (973) 423-5220.