The price of replacement parts should not be the only factor that determines a purchase, but also the quality of the part. So says Alstom Air Preheater Co., Raymond Operations, Warrenville, Ill.

Having designed and manufactured Raymond and Bartlett-Snow equipment since 1887, the company has an extensive database of information about its heat processing equipment. It uses this information to help customers decide how to use the equipment together and how to maintain it.

According to the company's Tech Talk newsletter, engineers at Alstom Air Preheater "manage a database of the original equipment specifications for each piece of equipment manufactured, along with the original drawings with the exact metallurgical compositions, fit tolerances and lubrication requirements." The company "continually update[s] this information to reflect design improvements while maintaining compatibility with [the] original equipment."

Among the aftermarket parts offered by the company are cylinders, thrust and trunnion rolls, seal components, gearing and linings. The company also offers burner and controls upgrades. To learn more about Raymond aftermarket parts, call (877) 661-5509. To subscribe to Tech Talk, send an e-mail to