In the video from IPS, Dr. Martin discusses energy management in the context of five areas that process manufacturers can monitor and control in real-time to maximize profit: production value, raw material costs, energy costs, plant safety and environmental compliance.

The best practices for real-time energy management are the focus of a white paper and video from the Global Consulting group of Invensys Process Systems (IPS), Plano, Texas.

The recommendations are based on the field experience of IPS consultants and address activity-based management solutions that reduce costs and improve efficiency in energy-intensive operations. Real-time monitoring of steam plant performance, improving power plant performance and automating thermal reforming operations are among the many areas in which IPS consultants have helped customers achieve measurable results by applying real-time energy-management solutions.

The video and white paper are accessible online at In the video, “Energy Management & the Real-Time Enterprise,” IPS vice president Dr. Peter Martin describes the essential components of the real-time enterprise and how they can help process manufacturers reduce energy costs and consumption. In the white paper,“Real-time Energy Measurement and Empowerment,” IPS principal consultant Russ Barr describes activity-based costing, activity-based management and real-time measurement and communications practices that have resulted in significant customer savings.

According to the company, the video and the white paper are part of a series of materials that IPS will be offering to help process manufacturers realize the goals of the real-time enterprise.