MikroShot’s thermal-on-visible mode allows radiometric temperature data to be displayed directly on the visible image. The pocket-sized thermal imaging camera weighs 10.5 oz and uses off-the-shelf batteries (an AC adapter also included). Its 2.7" display and 160x120 pixel image resolution simplify viewing of your images. Other features include a measuring range of -4 to 662°F (-20 to 350°C); operating temperature range of 5 to 122°F (-15 to 50°C); color alarm; and autofocus at distances of 1.4 yd (1.3 m) to infinity. The SD card, USB and video output capability allow for quick analysis of the JPEG-format data on a laptop or other mobile device using common software.

Mikron Infrared, LumaSense Technologies, (800) 631-0176