The oven combines near-infrared and air impingement to optimize solvent removal and curing.

Spooner Industries Ltd., Ilkley, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, and Solaronics-Bekaert, Armentieres, France, have combined their technologies to develop a high-speed paint curing oven.

Spooner, a manufacturer of forced convection dryers, and Solaronics-Bekaert, a maker of infrared drying systems, together have developed a combined air and near-infrared oven for high speed paint curing. Benefits include faster cure times, reduced running costs and lower energy consumption.

The combination of near-infrared for solvent removal and air impingement for the curing stages ensures optimum product quality. Customers with multiple lines can produce the same products with the same paints on different lines. Spooner's air flotation systems include its max-float nozzle and precision perforated sheet to deliver even and constant heat transfer.

"Many advantages have already been revealed from combining these two technologies, in particular the ability of the near-air [combination] oven to cure conventional full thickness paint in under 8 seconds," says Mike Hill, Spooner's product specialist.