Customers of one gas utility in the Northeast may qualify for money-saving gas efficiency program incentives when they select boilers from Miura.

The New York-based boiler maker recently achieved the efficiency standard necessary for National Grid's Gas Efficiency program. Headquartered in Westborough, Mass., the leading Northeast gas utility offers money-saving incentives based on boiler size and the annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) of the system. With a tested AFUE of 86 percent, Miura gas-fired steam boilers may qualify for National Grid energy-efficiency incentives, and potential savings of tens of thousands of dollars per year. Savings will depend on usage and existing equipment and operation.

Henry Kao, Chief Engineer at Hot Cuisine America Inc., the Swedesboro N.J.-based division of the $3.5 billion Belgian Univeg Group of companies, uses two Miura LX 200 gas steam boilers in their 16,000 ft2fresh-prepared meal facility that produces high-quality fresh-prepared meals and meal components for retail stores and food services. The Miura boilers drive machinery, heat the building, and generate the hot water supply for sanitation and facilities.

"These Miura boilers are amazing," Kao reports. "They reach operating high pressure in less than seven minutes, and are highly efficient in terms of gas and water consumption. I estimate that there's as much as a 10-to-one savings with these boilers. They save space as well, because of their compact design."

Also praised by Kao was the monitoring system by Miura. "No matter where you are, you can examine what the boiler is doing via the Internet."

As the cost and supply of gas remains a concern, and companies explore ways of going green, Miura Boiler has experienced record sales in North America. Features of the company's boilers include "five minutes to steam" (from a cold start) technology. Larger users can buy multiple units, meet peak demands, provide 100 percent redundancy when needed, and shut down some boilers during lower demand cycles.