Hands-on training will be included as a part of a two-day boiler and combustion seminar. Scheduled for June 16-17, the workshop will be held at the shop/training center facility of CEC Combustion Services Group in Cleveland.

The first day's curriculum is boiler intensive and will focus on operations, maintenance and fuel-savings issues. The second day focuses exclusively on combustion issues and will apply to all types of combustion equipment, including boilers, furnaces, ovens, thermal oxidizers and other systems with a burner.

Hands-on, live fire demonstrations are scheduled as a part of the training, so the class is limited to 20 students. The intimate training environment allows all students to get meaningful hands-on instruction.

The two-day seminar costs $195, and the course fee includes daily continental breakfasts and barbecue lunches. For more information or to register, call (216) 749-2992 or visit www.combustionsafety.com.