The Metso Advantage DCT 60 tissue machine now online at a Chinese paper mill and its counterpart at the same plant will have a total joint capacity of 20,000 tons per year of tissue paper for facial, toilet napkin and towel products.

The first of two tissue machines is onstream at the Fook Woo Group of Hong Kong and China, in Huizhou, Guangdong province, China.

Helsinki-based Metso supplied the two 9.35' wide Advantage DCT 60 machines, which have a design speed of 4,265 ft/min. The capacity of each line using recycled fiber will be 20,000 tons per year of tissue paper for facial, toilet, napkin and towel products. The tissue machines use steam for complete drying. Steam is more readily available and a low-cost energy source at many places in China.

Besides the DCT 60 units, the systems include an OptiFlo II TIS headbox, Metso Yankee cylinder, Advantage AirCap hood, ValReel reel, mechanical drives, controls and basic mill engineering. Metso provided supervision and training for the operations.

The Fook Woo Group is a large recycling service provider in Hong Kong, operating one the biggest waste-paper sorting centers and a paper mill in Huizhou. The company is the largest manufacturer of tissue from 100 percent recycled fiber in China.