A Russian refinery has ordered six industrial gas turbine generators valued at $131 million from Siemens Energy, Erlangen, Germany, that have waste-heat recovery potential.

The refinery, OOO RN-Tuapsinskiy NPZ, which is a subsidiary of oil company OAO Rosneft, ordered the units for its Tuapse facility on the Black Sea. The SGT-800 gas turbine has high efficiency and low lifecycle costs, and is used for simple-cycle power generation and combined-cycle power generation. Because of its waste-heat recovery potential, the unit is well-suited for combined heat and power.

The order encompasses six gas turbines and six generators that are needed for the generation of electricity and steam to accommodate expansion of the Tuapse refinery’s capacity. Tuapse is an important petroleum port on the Black Sea. The customer, OOO RN-Tuapsinskiy NPZ, has undertaken extensive expansion and upgrading projects at the refinery to increase the plant’s capacity and refining depth.

The SGT-800’s dry low emissions combustion system minimizes NOXemissions and can achieve low emissions on a wide variety of fuels. Being able to operate on various fuels was a project requirement.