Mobile boiler room includes the company’s 125-hp horizontal wet-back firetube boiler, mounted and wired in a 53' trailer. The “boiler room on wheels” is designed to simplify installation and hookup: all accessories are piped and wired, and single-point connections are available for steam, electrical, water, drain and fuel. The 150-psi design pressure boiler has a dual-fuel burner (natural gas and No. 2 oil). The boiler has a rating of 4,314 lb of steam per hour output from and at 0 psig and 212°F (100°C). The system includes a VT-150 feedwater system with a high pressure preheat kit; Model F-150 blowoff separator with cooling kit; and a 50-gal chemical feeder. The trailer also includes a mounted 270-gal oil tank for applications where oil is available on site.

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