A document highlighting the past 10 years of activity under the Energy Conservation and Emissions Reduction in Combustion Implementing Agreement now is available for download.

The "Conservation in Combustion" report, covering 1999 to 2008, also celebrates the third decade of international collaborative research devoted to saving energy and reducing pollution by increasing fundamental knowledge about combustion.

The agreement, which falls under the International Energy Agency, was formally organized in 1977 to accelerate the development of combustion technologies that reduce fuel consumption and lower pollutant emissions. Its objectives have been expanded in recent years to include research, development and demonstration in four areas:
  • Fundamentals of combustion.
  • Advanced piston engines.
  • Gas turbines.
  • Furnace technologies
The agreement emphasizes industrial involvement to ensure that adequate attention is paid to industry needs and that technology is disseminated to the marketplace. Task-sharing among the 12 member nations and exchange of personnel help meet the agreement's goals.