Old facilities often reach a point where new construction is the only solution to meeting technological advancements. However, the solution often spawns another problem: undertaking the demanding project without sacrificing customers’ current needs.

A major chemical manufacturer faced that exact problem with its boiler system and turned to Nationwide Boiler Inc., Fremont, Calif., for help. The chemical producer required large amounts of steam to process materials used in the fabrication of polyethylene products. The company provided its own process steam, and also provided it to another chemical processing company nearby.

The old steam plant’s performance and thermal efficiency characteristics were relatively poor. Because the existing plant was decades old, the company planned to build a new low NOXemissions plant (30 ppm) that would operate with higher reliability, increase plant efficiency and reduce fuel costs. While the steam plant was being constructed, process steam and the steam provided to the neighboring plant could not be interrupted. Nationwide's job was to temporarily provide an uninterrupted steam supply and a water treatment plant. The boiler company recommended and installed two complete and independent boilers for 100 percent redundancy and two 70,000 lb/hr mobile feedwater vans.

Two temporary 70,000 lb/hr low-NOXtrailer-mounted rental boilers were connected to the steam main previously connected to the facility’s boilers. In addition, Nationwide installed a complete water-treatment plant to replace the existing water-conditioning system. The temporary system was connected to the existing steam main immediately prior to the old steam plant’s shutdown. Nationwide completed the installation in minimum time with no interruption to on-going operations. The temporary equipment remained in operation until the new steam plant was brought online.