A customer of Industrial Combustion Engineers Inc., in Gary, Ind., faced a problem: The company’s hydrogen embrittlement reduction process required a continuous conveyor belt oven for fastener drying, but available floor space was minimal. The process demanded four-hour hold times.

Leonard Nowak, application engineer at Industrial Combustion, designed a dual-conveyor belt oven using jet impingement for the first preheat zone and horizontal crossflow for the second holding zone. The jet impingement proved instrumental in ensuring that the 8" deep fastener load was thoroughly and uniformly heated.

Nowak says the dual mesh-belt oven that Industrial Combustion built provided the following advantages:
  • Maximum production with minimum floor space.
  • Two different workloads that can be processed concurrently.
  • Sloping conveyor belt for smooth workflow without operators having to leave the plant’s floor.
  • Uniform fastener load due to jet impingement even with work depths up to the 8" fastener load.