Anyone who builds or uses industrial ovens and furnaces likely is familiar with the NFPA 86 standard, which governs the design and use of ovens, dryers, furnaces and thermal oxidizers. What all interested parties may not know is that the NPFA standard is currently undergoing a cycle of revision. Now is your chance to comment on the proposed changes to the standard, but you must act before 5 p.m. EDT on Friday, September 4.

In July,Process Heatingand its sister publications,Industrial HeatingandPollution Engineering, hosted a webinar (online seminar) that provided an overview of the NFPA standards review process, the method of responding to proposed changes, and many of the proposed changes. Presented by Richard J. Martin, Ph.D., P.E., C.F.I., of Exponent Inc., and the committee secretary of the NFPA ovens and furnaces technical committee, the webinar provided an interactive session for attendees to learn about the proposed changes and how they can influence those changes.

Following its review of the proposals for changes to the current 2007 NFPA 86 standard, the committee took 110 actions. Among these actions were adjustments to annex materials, terminology changes, major new definitions (such as scope changes), revisions to existing requirements, and referrals to other committees for action. The committee’s actions are defined in a 72-page PDF available for download and review. During the webinar, Dr. Martin highlighted some of the major revisions such as restructuring and revisions to PLC requirements as well as those related to computing safety ventilation for Class A ovens.

It is not too late to learn more about the proposed changes and how to respond. Fortunately, for those who missed the live webinar, it is archived on Visit our home page and look for our on-demand webinars and “NFPA 86 Major Rewrite: How to Impact Proposed Changes,” in the right-hand column. Sit through the session and use the provided links to download the NPFA 86 Report on Proposals (also available on

Linda Becker, Associate Publisher and Editor,