Our new government administration is pushing “green” legislation that would require all of us to operate our plants in a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly manner in the near future. Energy conservation options available today, which do not currently provide a good return on investment, will become affordable and necessary for manufacturers in the future.

One such option to consider for operations that utilize ovens is a system that recovers and re-employs the heat energy from an oven’s exhaust air stream. This energy conservation is in line with some of the core concepts driving the “green” movement that manufacturers will be forced to adopt.

Another option is the addition of an activated carbon filtration system that would remove any VOCs (volatile organic compounds or solvents) from an oven’s exhaust air stream. Activated carbon filters can capture 99.5 percent of VOCs passing through the system, thereby, eliminating the need to send VOC-laden exhaust air through an exhaust stack in your plant’s roof. The system removes pollutants that would otherwise enter our environment.

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