To help ensure that your system provides optimum performance from day one, insist on working with a supplier that has operational experience, manufactures its own product and has products with proven performance. Of equal importance is having a global team of experienced engineering experts and offering comprehensive services before, during and after the sale. Solutia is a global company meeting all these requirements by operating heat transfer systems in its own plants for over 40 year and manufacturing almost a dozen different global heat transfer fluids on 4 continents. Our sales, technical, research and development team has hundreds of years of combined experience with heat transfer fluids. Solutia’s TLC Total Lifecycle Care Program is a comprehensive technical service program to assist designers, OEM’s and operators of heat transfer fluid systems as follows:
  • Fluid selection guidance
  • System design assistance
  • System commissioning and start-up assistance
  • System monitoring and used fluids analysis
  • 24/7 Trouble-shooting and operating support
  • Technical engineering experts located around the world
  • Technical tools and literature
  • On-site system audit and leak detection services
  • System design/safety seminars
  • Fluid trade-in program*
Some suppliers may have some of the products while others may have some the services - insist on working with the one that has them all.


*Available in North America only
Therminol and TLC Total Lifecycle Care are registered trademarks of Solutia Inc.